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Sad Cat Diary

I literally have watched this a dozen times and see something new each time.  I love it.  It is smart and funny and AWESOME!  ZeFrank is my new favorite Youtube channel!!


Friend Makin’ Mondays


Summer has arrived and with that comes the HEAT (which I, personally, hate).  HOWEVER, so far we have been lucky with rain for the last few days.   I always seem to be late with Friend Making Mondays, but better late, than never…right???    Visit Kenlie over at AllTheWeigh to play too!!!

Summer Fun

1.  What is your favorite summer fruit? I really like strawberries as long as they are sweet!  So yummy and fresh.  Plus there are a million things that you can do with them!

2.  Do you know how to swim?  Yes, I grew up with a swimming pool in my back yard and I LOVE to swim!  There is a small pool at the complex that I reside in, however there are always kids around so it deters me from going out there *tear*.

3.  Do you prefer sun or snow?   That is a TOUGH one because I hate extreme sun and am not a fan of snow….but I suppose if I have to choose, the sun would be my choice.

4.  What temperature do you like most inside your home?  I keep the thermostat around 72-75.  I would prefer it even cooler, but the bill just gets too expensive.

5.  Is it humid where you live?  Nope.  Not at all.  It gets hot in Sacramento, but the humidity stays away for the most part.

6. What is your favorite food to put on the grill?  I really like burgers and burned hot dogs.  🙂

7. Do you prefer to wear a one-piece  or two-piece swim suit?  I’ve never in my life owned a bikini, but i do wear a tankini.  It is easier to go to the bathroom that way when my suit is wet 🙂

8.  What is your favorite summer drink?  Margaritas on the rocks please!

9.  Do you prefer the pool or the ocean?  I love both….I just love the water! (stolen from Kenlie, but my answer is the same)

10.  What are you looking forward to most over the summer?  I am looking forward to going to the beach, the state fair and taking some day trips.  I am ADDICTED to Lake Tahoe at the moment.





Marriage is a topic that we are all too familiar with.  I am a thirty something girl who has never been married.  It isn’t that I do not desire TO be married, but none of the men who have been in relationships desire to marry me, I suppose.  I’ve been in my current relationship for 1.5 years.  I think everything is just dandy, but when the topic of marriage is brought up, he freezes and uses the old “maybe someday” standard answer. I just do not understand.  After many google-ology searches, I realize this is all too common.  Does anyone have the same experience?   I mean, no one wants to be married to someone who isn’t interested, but this gets old.   Do people actually give ultimatums?  Don’t people believe in romance anymore?

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