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on May 8, 2013


Marriage is a topic that we are all too familiar with.  I am a thirty something girl who has never been married.  It isn’t that I do not desire TO be married, but none of the men who have been in relationships desire to marry me, I suppose.  I’ve been in my current relationship for 1.5 years.  I think everything is just dandy, but when the topic of marriage is brought up, he freezes and uses the old “maybe someday” standard answer. I just do not understand.  After many google-ology searches, I realize this is all too common.  Does anyone have the same experience?   I mean, no one wants to be married to someone who isn’t interested, but this gets old.   Do people actually give ultimatums?  Don’t people believe in romance anymore?


One response to “Marriage

  1. proverbsgirl says:

    I hear you AND I feel you! I know it’s been said before, but it’s true so I’m gonna say it again here, “MEN!”

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