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Happy National “Hug Your Cat Day!”

on June 4, 2013

I have three cats whom I love pretty much more than anything. They brighten my days with unconditional love. I will be hugging all three of them as soon as I get home from work!

Have you hugged your cat today?


5 responses to “Happy National “Hug Your Cat Day!”

  1. aubreys642 says:

    Like a cat would let someone hug it… ha ha

    Just did a funny POV cat story, you might enjoy 🙂

  2. proverbsgirl says:

    Juuuust hugged Bob and Whisper – They said to say, “thank you!”

  3. You’re a cat person, too!!! I currently have four, but technically only two are officially mine. The other two I saved as rescue cats but they are officially my parents. We all live together with my new little bundle of joy, so I assume that keeps me from being a crazy cat lady, but not by much! Looking forward to reading your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine, I love and cherish new readers!

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