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The “I Love” Game.

on June 5, 2013

One of the sites that I follow on You tube are The Kloons. My boyfriend used to act locally with one of the guys in it (Mitch, the long haired guy). They typically post really fun videos and are currently on a internet icon game show. It is like american idol, but for internet video makers. I absolutely fell in love with the “i love” game. It is a feel good type of game that I think most anyone can play. My challenge for the week for myself is to make my own 1 minute video of the thing that I love that I will post here as soon as I am done. I challenge you all to try this as well! Post your link to my page, so I can see too!! Good Luck!


2 responses to “The “I Love” Game.

  1. elspod says:

    That video made me smile the whole way through! What a fantastic idea!

  2. crazycricketlove says:

    me too!! I can’t wait to make one….although, it may be harder than it looks!! 😀

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