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The Calling Game

on June 20, 2013

The Calling Game

I have talked to my ex every day since he moved out last Friday. We are friends and we miss each other so it makes sense. However, he keeps telling me that at some point he is going to “cut me off” for awhile so he can figure our “how” to just be friends with me. He broke up with me. In NO WAY did i want this. The whole thing makes no sense to me. I feel like I am just waiting for him on any day to decide it is the perfect day to start his “no contact” rule. He says this could last a few days/weeks or months and that when he is ready, he will contact me. I do not like this. I decided that I want him to miss me and maybe if I stop contacting him, he will see this. So, today is the first day that I have not texted him or called him. My guess is that by Day 2, he “should” wonder what happened to me.
I hate this.
I miss him.
I hate feeling like I am waiting for him to call.
My heart hurts.
I am just going to have to get over this.


7 responses to “The Calling Game

  1. sexinthecincy says:

    Girl…I am going to do a post on the no contact rule. It will help you though. Take time for you.

    • crazycricketlove says:

      But why is it so damn hard? Grrrr… I look forward to reading your post!

      • sexinthecincy says:

        Because it’s like when you’re sick and you decide to take no medication or rest. You just continue going to work because you have no vacation days or because you really can’t afford not to work. It’s going to take time. But for now…you’re stuck with the breakup flu.

      • crazycricketlove says:

        Aint that the truth? lol

  2. I am sorry, you’re suffering, but by keeping in contact you’re only prolonging the agony..we’ve all been there, done that. Get out and enjoy your new found freedom. The fact that he didn’t want to marry you should really have told you something. I am 49, married, and still miss the guy who I used to live with until I was 25 (we were together 8 years), so I do know. Good luck!

  3. proverbsgirl says:

    Just an idea … as hard as I know it would be (believe me, I know) perhaps you should tell him that you’ve decided to take some time for yourself. Show him that you’re more important to you than he is. Again, I know it’s hard, but think of how empowering it would be to put yourself first. Praying for you, girl ..

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