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Miss you. Don’t Miss you.

on June 21, 2013

Miss you. Don't Miss you.

Things I Miss about you:
• Your laugh
• Talking to you whenever I would wake up since you don’t sleep at night
• Acceptance of my body
• You saying that you love me a million times a day
• Your goofy side
• Your fun t-shirts
• Going to Disneyland with you
• Your love of Doctor Who (even though I am not a fan)
• Your love of cooking and the delicious meals that you made
• Talking about our everyday life
• Your hugs
• Your voice
• Seeing you everyday

Things I won’t Miss:
• Your love of Doctor Who
• It never being dark or quiet in the bedroom
• The high electricity bill from you always being home
• Wondering if you are telling me the truth or not
• You sleeping in until 2 or 3 pm each day.
• Your garbage all over the apartment
• Asking you to help out, only to find you have not
• Paying for most everything


One response to “Miss you. Don’t Miss you.

  1. proverbsgirl says:

    So truthful and from the heart … love it …

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