Crazy Kitty Love

Confessions of a cat lady…..


on June 24, 2013


Is anyone else addicted to HBO’s show “Girls”? I first heard about it when Lena Dunham won an Emmy and I was curious what is was all about. I just finished the first season and I started the second. I love it! I love Hannah and all of the funny comments she makes about life. For the first season, she was dating this guy Adam who was very strange, but they had such a fantastic dynamic that I ended up loving him. A lot of what goes on in this show is how I feel in general. I want to find someone that is as into me and I am to them. Like they will go to the ends of the earth to find me if I was lost and who no matter what would be by my side. He is waiting somewhere. There is a man just like myself thinking and wanting the same things, looking for me. I just know it.


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