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I found you.

on July 2, 2013

I found you.

I am not ready to date again. I just am. not. ready. My heart hurts in ways that I can’t describe. I have been here before though and I know the routine. My friend convinced me that I should go back into online dating. That is where I met my ex, but I decided to try a new site and to see what is out there. Even though I am not ready, I figure I can at least set up my profile and look to see what it out there. I guess I never know what or who I may find. In an hour of joining, I ran into my ex. He SWORE the night before that he was NOT interested in dating for a VERY long time and that he did not reactivate his online dating accounts. Well, there he was. My heart jumped, panic attack set in and I immediately started calling and texting like a maniac. My friend calmed me down and told me that overall, I had no say in the matter and that it “really” didn’t matter anyway. Awhile later, my ex called and said he had reactivated it the night before and explained that he doesn’t want to date, but that he is on there because he is “bored”. He has been so dishonest so many times before that I just don’t know what to believe. After a nights rest though, I realized, that it is out of my control. If he wants to date, then that is on him. I have my life and he has his. I just wish that I wasn’t so confused.


2 responses to “I found you.

  1. elspod says:

    The confusion will pass, it’s just one of the murkiest places to be as it puts such a negative twist on the past. I hope that in time, you can remember the good times in a way that doesn’t hurt so deeply, and be with someone who deserves your smiles and devotion.
    In the meantime though…Ooodles of hugs! ❤

  2. crazycricketlove says:

    Thanks girlie!! 😀

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