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Mr. Wrong

on July 3, 2013

Mr. Wrong

When I think about ever dating again (still not ready, but open to seeing what is out there), I think of all of my past boyfriends. A few were great, but most were wrong & truth be told, even the great ones had major flaws. I don’t know why I settle and accept certain traits about men that I do not care for. So this time around, I am being selfish and picky. Maybe I won’t find anyone, but I would rather be true to myself than to compromise my expectations. After all, I can do bad all by myself. So I have taken note of a few things that I will NOT accept & I will not even give you a second glance if you possess any of these things:

-If you are a smoker
-If you do drugs of any kind (been there, done that. I am not against marijuana use, but i do not want to be in a relationship with someone who partakes)
-You MUST have a job and live on your own. (in between jobs, going to school, living with family…I need a man that can stand on his own)
-If you are an excessive drinker you are not for me! Cocktails, yes! But if you have to get drunk every night or to feel comfortable  socially then move along.
-Excessive video game playing. I love video games too, but if you would rather sit for hours/days on end instead of going out with me, then I am not the one for you.
-If you do NOT want kids (i am not ready to close the door on the possibility just yet)
-If you do not ever want to be intimate
-If you do not believe in marriage, then you don’t believe in “us”.
-If you do not have a mode of transportation

I am worth it. I am a good catch. I have a good job, good family & a running car. I want these things in my partner and I don’t think it is too much to ask. I have accepted the fact that I could be single for a very long time looking for these things, but I don’t care. I need to feel equal to my partner and I won’t back down. 🙂


3 responses to “Mr. Wrong

  1. elspod says:

    With you on every count!

  2. YES!!!!! exactly perfect!!

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