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One of the Good Guys

on July 8, 2013

One of the Good Guys

While talking to my ex on the phone yesterday, we started talking about OKCupid. It is a free dating site that we are both openly on. I actually “ran” into his profile last week. It is interesting because he continually says he does NOT want a relationship and is NOT actively looking….but there he is online lying that he is looking. Or he is lying that he isn’t looking. Regardless, I can’t fully believe anything he says so who knows what the real truth is. In talking to him, I told him that I think it is easier for men in the “dating world”. Women are more likely, in my opinion, to give a man a chance if he is overweight or not exactly what she is looking for look wise. We are more open to try different guys out. I feel men on the other hand, are not as willing to give us a chance. I’ve read a countless amount of profiles from men that say if you are overweight at all, don’t even message them. After telling my ex this, he proclaimed that all the assholes of the dating world make it really hard for the guys that are the “good guys”, meaning he is one of the good guys. I do think my ex is a nice guy, but in his relationships, he lies. He also has a hard time not talking to other women via email/chat/facebook while he is in a relationship. He also lies to make you happy and is quite selfish. Do all of these things make him one of the “good guys”? I informed him of that and also told him that he is still currently lying on his profile that he created. I have lost most hope in the dating world. Β Everyone looks like a dream online, but we all know that usually isn’t the case.


6 responses to “One of the Good Guys

  1. elspod says:

    Hope comes as a result of happiness. Find your happy and you’ll find your hope πŸ™‚
    We can’t believe in something better if all we can see is bleakness ahead.
    You’ll find it girlie! Give it time and patience x

  2. I think you are very silly still talking to him..he sounds like a complete loser. Stop wasting your time on him. As someone who finally found Mr Right in her 40’s, I can only tell you that losing weight WILL open up a whole new group of guys, been there, done that ( I used to be 250+). It’s a dog eat dog world out there…and no matter how great one’s personality is, a great personality with a thinner figure beats a great personality with a fatter one in a guy’s eyes. I don’t mean to sound harsh but it is the truth. Go for a walk when you feel the urge to call the loser or something…good luck!

  3. crazycricketlove says:

    We actually are very close friends, that is why we still talk. Yes, the relationship did not work between us but that does not mean that we do not still enjoy each others company. I do realize that losing weight does open some doors, but this is WHO I am. It won’t change my personality and I certainly am not interested in a shallow douche bag that only likes me for my weight. Good on you for losing the weight and finding someone in your 40s πŸ™‚

    • I guess I am just too direct..he is not a close friend, he is a liar and someone who used you. Losing weight doesn’t change who you are, and guys wanting a thinner woman doesn’t make them shallow douche bags it’s just the way males are, they like to show off their women. I only say these things as I HAVE been you. Good luck in your life πŸ™‚

      • crazycricketlove says:

        Well, I suppose you are right that he is a liar. It is all too soon for me to probably accept certain things about him. I have only been with men who love larger women, so I am of the mind frame that larger women can be beautiful as well. I do not need to be thin to be “shown” off. But to each their own. πŸ™‚ Everyone has a different view of what beauty is. With that said, I would like to lose weight and am working on it. Like everyone else, I am a work in progress. lol.

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