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Hi! Want to have my baby?

on July 22, 2013

Hi, I'm Heidi.  Want to have my baby?

The dating world is definitely an interesting one. I have been going on a few dates with the same guy, who seems pretty nice, when a very interesting topic came up. Kids. Most guys will run at the thought of even talking about children. He said that he is 41 and he would really like a child at some point, I agreed and said that I would to. But then i followed it up with saying this.

me- Yeah, but what do you do…introduce yourself and say “lets have kids”?

him- Why not? I don’t see a problem with that if that is what you want and that is what I want. Why can’t two people who are near the end of their child bearing stage, who knows exactly what they want express that to each other?

me- So, you would be perfectly ok if i looked at you right now and asked do you want to have a child with me?

him- Yes, absolutely, because that is what i want too.

WHOA! Wow…. um… what do i say to this? I totally understand his point. No time to waste….but how scary is that? I’ve been pondering over the entire conversation all weekend long. I just do not even know how to process it. I don’t even know this person yet. Is this what dating when you are older is like? Fast decision making before the time has passed? *sigh*


5 responses to “Hi! Want to have my baby?

  1. wow!! I can see the urge to do that. but I know how hard it is raising children WITH a commited man. I can’t imagine how it would be to do it alone, if that is how it ended up being.

  2. crazycricketlove says:

    I know Heather! I just don’t even know what to make of it!

  3. I had a friend who married a guy, and THEN asked and found out he didn’t want children. Of course they divorced. Best to put your cards on the table straight up.

  4. elspod says:

    That is enormously intense. Eeep. I can practically hear your thoughts wrestling with each other!

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