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Run Away

on July 23, 2013

Run Away

This morning I had something happen that has happened before and I’m just not sure why men feel the need to do this. So, after a couple of dates with the same guy, he was clearly just moving incredibly too fast. He basically was talking about love, feelings, kids and moving in together which I am NOWHERE NEAR  ready for. However, I listened to him talk about all of these things and where he thought our relationship was heading. He just seems so in love with me so fast. I need more time, but I am enjoying our time together.
Fast Forward to this morning, I got a 5 page text basically saying “he is confused and good luck with my search on finding someone”. I am shocked. Not because I had feelings for him, but because I feel duped, once again. This is not the first time I have encountered this and I just am baffled. Why say all of these “future” type plans of love and marriage, when you are not feeling them?
I am okay though. I still feel I am not ready for another relationship anyway, but this just warns me of all of the crazy people that are out there.

Run away man-child. I don’t need you in my life!


4 responses to “Run Away

  1. proverbsgirl says:

    Whoa … wait … jigga what? I DO NOT GET THEM!? I DO NOT!!!!

  2. Living&Learning says:

    I think some people (I will not just limit it so saying men) just want companionship with ANYONE who would be willing to go along with it. And if they can get what they want without much resistance, they will take WHOEVER it is. It’s not I want all these things (future, family, etc.) with you specifically, they just want those things. I kind of look at it as fishing. They bait their hooks and go fishing and whatever fish that bites they reel in, take home, and well… you get the point.

  3. crazycricketlove says:

    I was actually pretty blown away. I don’t have real feelings for this guy so I am not 100% crushed or anything, but I do feel like it is a crappy thing. It makes me want to be single. Dating is so damn hard! Heather, add “little” into that statement and you are right on! ha ha! 🙂

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