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Must Love Cats.

on July 24, 2013

Must Love Cats.

There is not a huge amount of things that I am that passionate about. I love things, I do….but not too many things that I would fight for. My cats are the exception. I have three. From left to right in the picture is Cricket, Chewie and Spider. Cricket is the oldest at 8, Spider is 6 and Chewie is my baby, just over a year old. My ex and I adopted Chewie together, but we both knew that if we were to break up, he would remain with me. One of the things that I loved about my ex is that he loved my cats like they were his own. He knew all their quirks and lived with them. When Spider had bathroom issues, he would grumble and clean it up just like I would have. I would never in a million years choose a man over my cats. I realize that may sound harsh to some, but my cats are always here with me. They don’t make me cry and they will never leave me. I adopted them and they will remain with me until the day that they pass or should I pass. My friends and family know that my biggest worry if I were to die is what would happen to my babies. I have faith that they would go to live with a member of my family or someone that I would trust. They truly make me so happy and I think of them constantly. One of the things that I look for when dating is someone who will love my cats like I do. I would not date a man who hated cats. They are my loves and I would never let a man come in between us.


One response to “Must Love Cats.

  1. elspod says:

    They are so adorable!

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