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Finding Youth

on July 29, 2013

Finding Youth

I am 37 years old. By no means, do I find this old….but I am no longer a teen, or in my 20’s….considering all jokes aside, it is very likely that I am middle aged. I do not feel old, hell half of the time I STILL feel like I am in my 20s. Online dating is starting to give me a whole new perspective on “things”. Oddly enough, the average age that I am coming across in men looking for women (on my site anyway) seem to be between 32-34 and age 44 and above. 44 seems to be on the higher spectrum of what I am looking for. I dated someone ten years older before and I just thought the difference was “too” much for myself. My last boyfriend was 33 and while that was an ok age, I really wish I could find someone right at the same age as me give or take a few years. I’ve also come across a few men that own there own home and look fancy on their profiles. I am financially stable, but live in an apartment. This online world has given me a whole new perspective. I want to find someone similar to me. The search continues…….


2 responses to “Finding Youth

  1. Good luck! I’m sure everyone has told you this but it will come along when you least expect it…sometimes you won’t find it, but it’ll find you.

    Wishing you the best. 🙂

    – James

  2. crazycricketlove says:

    Thank you James! I do think that you are right about it happening when the time is right. I guess I am just impatient. lol. 😀

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