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on September 24, 2013


It has been awhile since I have posted. I have been busy with life. Still dating, but nothing seems to be working out. There has been one from the beginning (remember the guy that changed my tire?) that has got a grip on me. We have such a spark and connection but he can’t offer anything more than a “thing” here and there. He really does need to get his shit together because we would be great together. I feel as if I have already fallen for him, yet i am TRYING to keep an open mind. Does “Friends with Benefits” ever end up working?? I dunno. Until someone else sweeps me off of my feet I will just try and have fun. I know what i really want deep down. But maybe i just want it too much. Maybe if i step back and just try to go with the flow for once things may work in my favor. Here is to hoping anyway!


5 responses to “Torn

  1. sexandthecincy says:

    I asked the same questions. I haven’t had it happen yet. All I can tell you is don’t lower your standards! The right person will come along.

    • crazycricketlove says:

      I do agree with you, but WHY does it have to be so damn hard! We get along SO well and it sucks he can’t or won’t give any more at this time! I just need to find a guy like him with his stuff together. So many guys online that i have met either don’t have a car or they don’t have a good job. I don’t understand. Where are all of the people at that are like me!? lol…..

  2. crazycricketlove says:

    yep! I think my best best is to stop looking and at least enjoy my “benefits” for the time being! 😛

  3. notblueatall says:

    My two cents: keep looking, loving and enjoying YOUR LIFE!!! Let go of the guy who needs to get his shit together and enjoy what he has to offer on YOUR TERMS! I found myself in your same situation, gawd the similarities, but a year and a half later and that guy (in my life) still doesn’t have his shit together. Luckily, I hit bottom at one point and bounced back and found a new love. Yay! You will, too! You must have faith in your own awesomesauce and keep on doing the things you love. Hanging your heart on a guy who needs to get his shit together (that should be a book title!) will only lead to heartache, frustration and worse. I know, I kept falling for my idiot boy over and over and over. Getting crushed and broken and shattered at every turn. Not worth it. Not even all of the wonderful nights of electrifying passion. *Hugs*

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