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Weight Loss Surgery- Step 1 Informational Seminar


About 6 years ago, I attended a weight loss surgery seminar at Kaiser and left thinking it was not for me.   Last night, I attended one again and am convinced at this time that it is a very good option for me.  I joined a support group not that long ago on Facebook and love that I can see all different aspects of folks experiences Pre Op and Post Op and love all of their encouraging photos on their weight loss.   Weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out by any means.  There is a lot of work involved every step of the way.  My next step is to attend a 4 hour orientation which i hope to have scheduled soon once my Doctor sends over the referral.  I am very interested in having the gastric sleeve procedure done and am hoping that my surgeon agrees and that I get approved through my insurance.  I will have to lose about 30 lbs prior on my own and have extensive classes before I will get to a surgery date.  It is very scary as I am relatively healthy and have never had any type of surgery done before.  But at the same time, it is very exciting to possibly have a tool to really help me lose the weight and to keep it off.  I will keep this blog updated every step of the way !

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Well,  I am engaged.   I guess you could say that a lot has happened in the two years since my last post.   I found love on the internet, we moved in together, & now i am engaged.  He also has two teenagers….that’s a whole new world in itself!   We have our ups and downs, but most of all I can’t imagine life without him.      We have 5 cats, a fish names Rupert, 2 teenagers and love.  What else could we want?     A house!  Yes, a house…. hopefully we can invest in one in the next few years and get away from apartment life.  That would be amazing!

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