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I am a wife now

on September 14, 2015


With all of the excitement of my weight loss surgery on the horizon, I forgot to mention to my blog that I got married.   August 22, 2015 we drove up to Reno & made a commitment to each other.   We were just going to go alone, but my best friend and her boyfriend ending up coming too!   Dreams of a large wedding & our families being there were awesome…but the stress & the ticket price that went along with those dreams just weren’t worth it to me.   We have been together a little under two years & just felt that we wanted to do it as low key & as low priced as possible.  So, we did just that.  We laughed through the entire speech that came before our vows.  I think we are both nervous gigglers, so it was funny.

I am a wife now & I have a husband but I think it still hasn’t sank it quite yet.  It is very surreal as it seems like this is what i have wanted most of my life.  I think the strangest thing is my name change.  It is odd to go 39 years with an identity & then with minutes, a new identity is mine.   Signing my name looks like a toddler wrote it.   But overall, I love my husband and am glad that we decided to take this step.


3 responses to “I am a wife now

  1. Lisa says:

    Congratulations!! I wish you both blessings!

  2. sexandthecincy says:


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