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5 day streak of eating right PLUS exercise…. WHO AM I?

on September 25, 2015


Wouldn’t that be nice!???

I made it through a work week WHOLE WORK WEEK staying on plan and eating right.  Not once did i go over my 1200 calorie limit!   I also walked with my co workers to our Leslie Sansone walking videos at least once, sometimes twice a day.  All of this and i didn’t die!  LOL   This week I feel pretty good.  I see the scale slowly going in the right direction and I actually feel that i CAN DO THIS!   On Monday, I have my first nutrition appointment.  I find it odd that this is a group appointment, but maybe it is so that we can all bounce off one another and ask questions that maybe we wouldn’t ask on our own.  I hope to do well this weekend and really try to stick with my plan as much as possible.  I am hoping for a loss when I weigh in on Monday.

One response to “5 day streak of eating right PLUS exercise…. WHO AM I?

  1. imsjfink says:

    You’re doing great!! I’m guessing that your group nutrition appointment is an overview of what to expect post op. Every program is different. I started with the 6 months of medically supervised weight loss, because that’s what my insurance required before they would give initial approval for the WLS consult. I had an initial assessment with a nutritionist after my surgical consult & another appointment pre-op to go over the pre and post-op diet requirements. I have a follow up by phone next week (2 weeks post-op) and a full appointment at 1 month.

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