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8.4 Pounds = A Human Head

on September 28, 2015

human head

I attended my group nutrition class today & was weighed prior.  It was my first “weigh in” since my surgeon appointment & I lost 8.4 pounds!   That is the equivalent to a human head.   I’ve been doing pretty well and eating right, tracking and exercise in this past week…so I was really hoping for a good loss.   I am about 12 pounds away from being able to finish everything that I need to do before surgery (psych appt, labs, EKG,final review with nurse, etc).  I can’t believe that everything is moving so rapidly.  I don’t want to have surgery until January, but we will see how fast this weight can come off.   I have two Disneyland trips coming up where I’ve decided that I won’t log or worry about what i eat.  I walk a million miles in those days and it isn’t very often that I have “free days” anymore, so i am ok with that.

In our nutrition class today there were a few people that just irked the hell out of me.  One woman seemed to just think the class revolved around her and would not stop talking.  I think in the two hours that we were there, we learned her weight, what meds she takes and her entire medical history.   I really am not fond of group activities as I find myself bothered my the idiots that try to ruin it for everyone else.

2 responses to “8.4 Pounds = A Human Head

  1. Lisa says:

    Congrats on losing the weight! I have finished all of my requirements, just waiting for the call. I can relate to the over talker, over sharer in Nutrition class. In addition to us knowing all of her meds, history etc, she also used the class as a therapy session. It was nuts! LOL

    • crazycricketlove says:

      Plus she was knitting the entire time. I caught several people rolling their eyes at her. I don’t know how the instructor kept it together. She was very patient with her. LOL

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