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For me.

For me.

There are very few times that I make large purchases, especially for myself. I bend over backwards to help my partners when i am in a relationship & if i am being honest, I should NEVER have to buy them something. But I have dated some needy men, most without jobs and whom take advantage of me. So, in this time of being single, I am trying to take care of me! I really have been wanting a new couch for awhile and I’ve been eyeing this one for quite some time. So, i bought it. I saved my money and walked in a purchased myself a couch and it FEELS GREAT! I had to order it, so i don’t exactly have it in my possession yet, but i will soon enough. Yay for me!



Soft Serving of Style Dress

I just recently discovered ModCloth.   Holy cow!  It is like a landmine of ridiculously cute prints.  The best part is that they have ALL sizes, including plus sizes.  YES!!!   I have been eyeing this dress because of it’s totally adorable “soft serve ice cream cone print”, but so far don’t have the funds to purchase it.  They also have a super cute dress that is the same cut that is the entire galaxy.  It is out of this world (yes, I am punny)!  I also love that a lot of their dresses have pockets, which is HUGE for me because I LOVE POCKETS!  Just thought that I would share with all of you since I had never heard of them before.  🙂

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